Mr. Gareth Curran 4th Degree Black Belt (V)

Mr. Gareth Curran (V) is the Chief Instructor and Examiner for Maynooth Taekwon-Do School. He began training in 1985 under Master Val Douglas (VIII), then the Chief Instructor for Crumlin Taekwon-Do School, and continues to train under Master Douglas at both Templeogue and Adamstown Taekwon-Do Schools. He has experience in Taekwon-Do spanning over 30 years.

Throughout his time in Taekwon-Do Mr. Curran has competed both on a national and international level, representing Ireland on a number of occasions and winning the title of Irish National Champion many times over. He has participated in international demonstrations, seminars under General Choi Hong Hi, instructor and umpire/referee courses and recieved training in close quarter combat, pressure point techniques and self defence and awareness. He continues to take part in these events as part of his personal development in Taekwon-Do.


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