Club Rules of Maynooth Taekwon-Do School

Every student must observe the following conduct in the dojang (training hall):

  1. Bow to the flags or instructor upon entering and leaving the dojang.
  2. Bow to the instructor at the correct distance.
  3. Before the class commences and finishes, form orderly lines facing the instructor with the most senior member standing to the right and the remainder of the students lining up from right to left in order of seniority.
  4. At the beginning and end of the class, the most senior member calls the class to attention with the command 'Charyot'. The class turn to face the flags and bow on the command 'Kyong Ye'. The class then face the instructor and again they are called to attention by 'Charyot' followed by 'bosabum nim keh' (1st to 3rd degree), 'sabum nim keh' (4th to 6th degree), 'sahyun nim kah' (7th to 8th degree Master) or 'saseong' (9th degree Grand Master), and again ordered to bow with the command 'Kyong Ye'. The second most senior member then follows the same procedure, instructing the class to bow to the assistant instructor, if present, who at the end of a class will dismiss all members.
  5. All members must say "Taekwon" after bowing.
  6. Recite the oath prior to training.
  7. Before asking a question, attract the instructors attention by raising your hand.
  8. Always address your instructor as sir/madam or Mr/Miss/Master/Grand Master.
  9. Always ask for the instructors permission before entering or leaving the class. When (re)entering a class after it has begun, wait potlitely at the end of the dojang until the instructor indicates you can (re)join the class by bowing to you - then bow in response and take your place in the class.
  10. Dobuk and ti (belt) must be worn in all classes with the ti displaying the correct grade and tied in the appropriate manner.
  11. If a t-shirt is to be worn under the dobuk it must only be white.
  12. It is forbidden to wear shoes, runners etc. in the dojang unless you have permission from the instructor.
  13. A high degree of personal hygiene is expected, for example finger and toe nails clipped and clean.
  14. Always turn to the left before fixing your dobuk.
  15. After bowing to the instructor, take three steps back before turning away.
  16. Smoking, eating, drinking or chewing gum is not permitted in the dojang. Also, it is forbidden to smoke while wearing a dobuk or any other uniform or clothing associated with Taekwon-Do.
  17. The use of profanities inside the dojang or while wearing a dobuk or any other uniform or clothing associated with Taekwon-Do is stongly prohibited and will be considered as gross misconduct.
  18. The wearing of any jewellery is strictly prohibited.
  19. When practicing with a partner, always bow to your partner before you start and when you finish.
  20. Dobuks must be cleaned and pressed for class.
  21. The tenets of Taekwon-Do must be observed at all times.